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Communication could be better

Of course it could. Rarely has an organisation completely sorted communication. There will always be someone who says “Why didn’t anyone tell me what was going on?” and then in the next breath say “I get bombarded with e-mails”. I say it myself! Organisations the world over agonise about how best to communicate.

The Trent Academies Group does try hard to get it right. And sometimes we do. Every academy has a weekly briefing – two at Farnborough – and notes are taken and circulated so that part time staff are kept in the loop. Every academy has an e-mail system that staff are free to use in order to share information – though targeting the right audiences remains a challenge. Every academy has a website which lets the world know what’s happening – the events, the successes and the policies. Please note the work that Rob Hackford has done in modernising the Arnold Hill website with Rushcliffe and Farnborough soon to follow. We also have Twitter accounts and I’d recommend that those with an interest in the world of Twitter make sure they are following:


In our values we commit “To keep everyone informed“. Communication is never done but please be aware that we are constantly looking for ways to do it better. Please let me know if you have idea as to how we can make a leap forward.

This blog has been happening for a while but I didn’t let many people know. Now I have!

Phil Crompton
Executive Headteacher