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The power of being polite

On Tuesday the night the Rushcliffe debating team so nearly made it to the next round of the Regional Debating competition. They were very impressive. Very articulate and quick thinking. Mr Lewis and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We were both so pleased that Miss Allen has continued to organise the debates. They really bring an extra dimension to life at Rushcliffe. It is fascinating to see how the protocols of the debates almost force participants to be courteous. A little different to Prime Minister’s Questions.

But there’s been a lot of football around as well. Our old friend Jermaine Jenas completed his hat trick. He’s now spoken at Farnborough, Rushcliffe and Arnold Hill. His visit to Arnold Hill went down very well with Years 10 and 11. He spoke to the year groups for 15 minutes and then took questions for another 20 minutes. He told everyone about the commitment that helped him get to the top of the football world whilst contemporaries with equal ability fell by the wayside and he stressed the importance of practice – don’t expect to just be good at something, keep working at it until it becomes a habit. It was also interesting to hear him say that being polite had been helpful. Polite, well-mannered people are the types who others want to help. Be polite – I agree completely.

Mr Ward asked for the names of 15 pupils who had collected lots of positive points this year and they were given the chance to meet Jermaine as a small group. He signed shirts, gave autographs and posed for pictures. It seemed enjoyable. The Trent Academies Group wants those who try, who help, who show interest to be rewarded. Meeting Jermaine Jenas was a chance for some of Arnold Hill’s good guys to experience this.

And then on Wednesday it was the Year 8 Boys Football tournament at the Nottingham Forest Academy. Sean England (Head of Education at the Academy) gave us the chance to make use of the Indoor Arena at the Academy. It’s a great facility. 7 a side teams from the three academies played each other twice in competition for the Trent Academies Group Trophy. After six hard fought matches Arnold Hill emerged victorious. High quality, high energy. I was worn out just watching and impressed by the sporting way the teams competed. Very polite. Up and coming Forest player Alex Lacovitti – remember the name because I couldn’t (I’m embarrassed to say) – kindly refereed all the matches. Coaches Burton, Shaw and Palmer found the afternoon highly stressful – and that was just travelling to and from Wilford Lane.

And next week it’s the girls’ turn. Looking forward to it.

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Phil Crompton
Executive Headteacher