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Twitter is interesting and helpful

Now that’s a statement I would never have made 3 years ago. I was far more likely to say “Who cares what someone had for breakfast?” or “Do I need to know that a person has been to the gym?” I look back with sadness at my ignorance. Brace yourself for the enthusiasm of a convert!

Twitter can be tiresome – but it does depend upon who or what you follow. If someone posts boring things then stop following them. Turn them off. They can trouble you no more. I find myself being directed to articles about education that can be helpful, link up with old friends (and most of my friends are now very old), get commentary from football matches and updates from newspapers about current affairs. It’s a veritable treasure chest.

And how can it help the Trent Academies Group? At the moment we have a mere 160 followers. Nowhere near enough. Rushcliffe Old Boy Dan Jarvis MP for Barnsley has 38,000. So every time Dan tweets a moderate size town gets the message. We’ve got work to do.

If you are a tweeter please follow @TrentAcadGroup. And re-tweet things. If you aren’t a tweeter please set up an account and tap into the wisdom that is shared by the contributors. Now that’s another problem the only wisdom that gets tweeted comes from me at the moment and anyone who knows me even reasonably well will appreciate the fact that we are in trouble if I’m the only source of wise words. Please help. You may have noticed that the Executive Headteacher’s Blog on the website has been renamed The Blog. If you have something to contribute please send it through. An event that’s happened or will be happening, a match report, a revision tip, a photograph......

We need to ensure the Trent Academies Group name is heard across the city, the county, the region, the world. Please contribute and help make our Twitter account something that’s worth following. Other Trusts are doing it and they don’t know any more than us.

Enjoy half term. See you at Farnborough on Monday the 22nd for :-

21st Century Employability

How Schools Can Help Prepare Young People for Tomorrow’s World of Work


Phil Crompton
Executive Headteacher