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What sticks in your mind from school days?

Great lessons make a difference. A huge difference. We all recall teachers who changed our lives because they were interested, interesting, well organised and passionate about their subject. Let’s take that as read.

However, if someone asks what your best memory of school days is I’d be very surprised if anyone were to say “Mr. Crompton’s Geography lesson about Sao Paulo in 1992”. It was possibly a great lesson – but everyone experiences more than 4000 lessons in their secondary school life. What really stands out?

I do think some people might say “That trip Mr. Crompton organised to Wales in 1986”, “The time we won the Leicester City League with a last minute winner at Beaumont Leys – Mr. Crompton was our coach” or “ the weekend at Warwick University in 199 “. Life changing? perhaps. Life enhancing? Certainly.

For me the most memorable school moments were:-

  • A week in Paris. We stayed at a boarding school. Remember hearing Terry Jacks‘ “Seasons in the Sun“ being played at a flea market. How bohemian we were! Was forced to speak French to people. That was quite a challenge for a Wiganer.
  • Running in the final of the district athletics tournament in the 200 metres. I was second in the heat and third in the final. Not quite Usain Bolt but memorable.
  • Going to Southport Theatre to see “St . Joan.” Real actors, proper theatre. It all came to life.
  • A field trip to the Isle of Aran in the sixth form. Seeing real rock formations was such an advantage when it came to the A level Geology examination – and we had a few laughs too.

My point is simple. An education is a precious thing. We want to help children grow into well rounded, well qualified young people. Examination success is crucial in our world. But exam success is not everything. It’s so good to see exciting opportunities being offered to pupils across the Trent Academies Group. The pupils are grateful. And so am I.

Phil Crompton
Executive Headteacher