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3 Governors’ meetings in 3 nights

This week my evenings have been booked up. I’ve been to meetings of the Governing Bodies at Rushcliffe (Tuesday), Arnold Hill (Wednesday) and Farnborough (Thursday). The meetings have ended around 8.00pm. I’m not complaining. It’s my job and, crucially, I get paid. But the governors don’t. They volunteer to give up around 10 evenings a year to interrogate the Headteachers and myself – but mainly the Headteachers – about the way their academy is operating. And they have to read a lot of documents before the meetings so they know the right questions to ask. It is important work and they do it for free. They have my admiration and gratitude.

Some of the questions they posed this week are:-

How will Rushcliffe cope with the increased numbers wanting a place in year 7?

Why was the lunchtime plan at Arnold Hill changed?

Will Farnborough’s GCSE results be better this year?

How did the Trent Academies Group INSET day go?

Is Arnold Hill having any trouble recruiting teachers this year?

How are children with reading difficulties being helped at Farnborough?

How was the new caterer at Farnborough selected?

What is the quality of teaching like at Arnold Hill?

Have teachers been moved across the trust at any stage?

What impact is the reduced funding having on Rushcliffe / Arnold Hill / Farnborough? (This keeps cropping up)

And so on.....

Each academy has a group of Governors who really care. Some are parents, some are members of staff, some are just interested members of the community. They visit the academies during the day, they meet parents, they meet pupils, they advise, they challenge things that puzzle or concern them and they congratulate as appropriate.

They keep us on our toes. And that’s how it should be.

Phil Crompton
Executive Headteacher