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Jez goes 1st. Who’s next ?

Earlier this week the mould was broken. An item appeared on the Blog that wasn’t written by me. And a fine piece it was too. Jez Maurice Smith explained a project based learning idea which will be launched in September 2017 at Arnold Hill. A year of planning lies ahead. It will be good when it arrives. I really hope that others will follow Jez’s lead and send through articles- short or long ones – which inform the 400 employees of the Trust, the thousands of parents and pupils as well as the outside world about life within the Trent Academies Group. There is so much happening. Please share your experiences and ideas.

And what of my week ? Since I last contributed to the Blog there has been a lot of sport going on. The Under 15 County Rugby Final took place last Thursday. In wet and windy conditions Rushcliffe edged out Farnborough in an exciting contest. The TAG derby. Both sides played well. There is real rugby talent across the academies. Last night I watched Rushcliffe lose 2-0 in the South Notts. Under 12 Boys’ final and tonight Rushcliffe are in the Under 15 Boys’ Final at the City Ground. I am setting off as soon as I’ve finished typing. I am also looking forward to watching the girls play in two high profile finals in the next couple of weeks.

The line that motivates all of us in the Trent Academies Group is that “everyone will be given the chance to shine brightly”. This applies to sport as much as academic study. I have seen so many examples of young people flourishing in education because of the chance they have been given to excel in sport. I see it happening all the time at Arnold Hill, Farnborough and Rushcliffe.

I’d better dash, I don’t want to miss the kick off.

Phil Crompton