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Europe and RIP Jo Cox

I like being part of Europe and want the UK to remain in the EU. There you are I’ve said it. Some people may say I shouldn’t use my position to try to influence the opinion of others but I’ve watched the Secretary of State for Justice share his very strong opinions and feel my very minor contribution is justified. For most of my life we’ve been part of the EU and I’ve felt increasingly - and happily - European.  

Before the formation of the union the major powers of Europe were constantly falling out over borders and resources and this led to millions of deaths in wars. Since its creation there have been very few casualties of power struggles. This for me is the most important argument. The fact that governments have been working together for a shared cause has reduced the risk of conflict and we have all benefitted. If the UK pulls out it’s likely that others will follow. Division rarely leads to peace.

There are obviously frustrations in being part of a bigger entity but each country will experience these and there has to be give and take. I really hope the UK will continue to work with neighbours to find answers to problems and not chase what I believe to be a fantasy in which our country turns into Switzerland.

And on the subject of peace I have to add a few words about Jo Cox. I can’t pretend I knew much about her until her yesterday. However I do now and it’s clear that she became a politician for the very best reason. She wanted to make the world a better place. This is a trait I have found in most of the MPs I have met. They don’t want to earn fortunes. They genuinely want to improve things.  Jo Cox’s murder is horrific. A passionate elected MP, mother, wife and daughter has been killed for who knows what reason. She was a force for good.

What has all this to do with the Trent Academies Group? Well, we are part of society and want the best for the children in our care and the employees who work for us. It is my view - for what it’s worth - that this is more likely to happen if we remain in the EU and if our politicians continue to show the same deep concern for people that Jo Cox seemed to.

Phil Crompton