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Next week the Board agreed that the Trent Academies Group will work closely with the National Darts Association. Hence the title of the blog. I’m sure that many people will be surprised by this news but…..

Actually this is not true. It’s a trick to attract people to the blog. 180 is the number of views it had last week and I can’t pretend that wasn’t a little disappointing. Every week I get a reminder to write some words of wisdom and regular readers will know that the content varies from reflections upon politics to initiatives across the trust. The reason I write something is because my role inevitably means I am less directly involved with many members of staff and the blog is a chance for me to be keep in touch.

This week has seen yet more Shakespearian tragedy / comedy at Westminster. At least we aren’t rudderless anymore is the best that can be said.

The news from France is again shocking. July 14th in Nice sounds perfect. It wasn’t. It was hell.

Life in the Trust seems of less importance. Of course it does. However we must never forget that we are influencing the lives of 4000 young people every day. These youngsters will accumulate experiences whilst in our care which will influence how they respond to setbacks and opportunities. Our work is never less than important.

This week has been the Trent Academies Group Literary Festival. Across the three academies writers have explained their work, talked with students about how they approach writing and encouraged budding writers. Hopefully people like Bali Rai, Lisa Williamson, Paula Rawsthorne and others have made a lasting impact on at least some lives. I’ve witnessed many of the sessions and they’ve been impressive. The clear message that books can take you into another world, can provide knowledge and provide enormous entertainment has been shared every day.  The work of the librarians - Toni at Farnborough, Debs at Arnold Hill and Lisa at Rushcliffe has been priceless. They’ve worked with Gareth to make the Festival happen. I’m grateful. Even bigger next year.

So nothing about darts. Sorry.

Phil Crompton