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John Dabrowski

I was introduced to John Dabrowski in March. I was immediately impressed by his positive approach to life and asked him to speak to the Sixth Formers at Rushcliffe and Arnold Hill. This week he met the Rushcliffe Year 12’s during a Bright Day. He didn’t disappoint. John had a difficult early life as he struggled to gain popularity at school until he discovered a talent for basketball. Basketball was the making of him. He has a series of great anecdotes about his involvement with the sport and uses them to illustrate the importance of mental resilience. It wasn’t just the students who were interested in what he was saying. Members of staff –including me- seemed gripped as well. John combines clips of film, stories and photographs to get across the message that nothing came easy to him and he could have given up but he didn’t and life has worked out pretty well.

Throughout the session John referred to the increasing anxiety which young people experience and offered strategies which ought to help. He’s a positive chap and I’m looking forward to his appearance at Arnold Hill next month. I’d advise other schools to hire him because we all know that the pressures our pupils are under these days seem to increase every year. Examination pressures, social media, family breakdown, relationship problems..... All these seem to combine to pile on the pressure.

Across the trust we are trying to find ways to ensure people are able to thrive and be happy in the modern world. John is certainly helping us move towards that goal.

Phil Crompton

CEO : Trent Academies Group

(Arnold Hill, Farnborough and Rushcliffe working together)