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5 Assemblies in 5 days

When some Dutch teachers came to visit last year they were amazed at the concept of morning assembly. I remember trying to explain the idea to some American teachers – it would have been easier to tell them about the rules of cricket. They struggled to see why we bother to get together a year group and get them to listen to a 15 minute lecture. I think I persuaded them that assemblies matter. They do.

This week I’ve experienced 5 impressive assemblies across the academies. At Rushcliffe I heard Gareth Summers talk about the “Power of Poetry”. It was fascinating - mind opening. At Arnold Hill Emily Dalton talked about “Democracy”, explaining how it was hard earned and should not be neglected and then Lance Smith introduced guests from the FE world who told Year 11 about their options at the end of the year. At Farnborough Ben Chaloner talked to year 8 about the importance of feedback and how it should influence the way we all operate and the next day introduced Richard Burrell (a senior TV producer at the BBC) who came along as part of the “Speakers for School” scheme to tell pupils about what he did in his job.

Each event was well managed and an important part of the school day. Pupils entered in silence, took some time to reflect – a rare occurrence in these fast moving times - and then listened to a “Thought for the Day”. I enjoyed the assemblies and appreciate the time and effort that goes into preparing and presenting them. It’s also interesting how often pupils at each academy refer to what’s been said later in the day.

I look forward to exporting the product to Holland and the USA.

Phil Crompton