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Tomorrow's World

In the 70's there was a TV programme that was on BBC before Top of the Pops. Tomorrow's World was presented by a chap called Baxter - was it Raymond? It used to tell us about what life in the future would be like. Oh how we laughed in our house. As if....

And now in 2016 I look around and realise I'm living in world that few, if any, could have predicted in the 1976.

How about these examples :-

Children pay for their lunch by putting their finger on a small pad. It recognises their individual print.

Assemblies and lessons usually include clips from something called the internet. Volcanoes erupting, riots taking place 50 years ago, famous speeches are all available to enhance the experience with just a click.

Entrances to schools are controlled by a magnetic locks which can only be released by a receptionist who might be 200 metres away.

Discipline systems in schools don't involve giving out stickers. Teachers can award achievement points - and detentions - by pressing a button and the numbers accumulated can be checked every day.

Diaries are electronic. Appointments can be made on a tiny phone that people carry around with them and shared with colleagues in seconds.

A Deputy Head cycles to work on a cycle with a battery. His legs move the pedals round but the battery increases the effect quite dramatically.

Raymond Baxter would never have dared share such nonsense. We'd never have believed it.

Phil Crompton