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What an interesting week

Lots of things happened this week. Yesterday myself and Rachael Bosely (Forest fan) went to Derby County's ground to collect the East Midlands Chamber award for Business Engagement. Very interesting to hear from the winners of the Businesses of the Year. One was providing gear for Triathletes, another lifting equipment for vehicles and factories and the third provides ICT support for companies across the country. So many people working hard - and imaginatively - in so many different areas

On Tuesday I spoke to the Rushcliffe Business network about the need for schools to work more closely with employers. There seemed to be a recognition that this was true but of course they are busy people and sometimes it slips down the list of priorities. I'll keep banging on about it. There's lots we should be doing together.

On Wednesday we had a HMI visit at Arnold Hill. Nothing remarkable about that but an illustration of the accountability systems that the education world has to keep responding to. It sometimes seems like a distraction but is entirely necessary. And after that I arrived late to the conclusion of a trust wide training programme we started in April and ran through the summer term. A group of 20 teachers from across the trust have worked with Amanda Pearce Burton of Formation Training to hone their leadership skills. This session was organised so they could explain to governors, colleagues and senior leaders how they had used their skills and knowledge to influence their practice. It was very uplifting. We have some great people working across the trust.  They have given up lots to time to continue their development and it's making a difference to their teams - and ultimately to the lives of children.

Phil Crompton