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Trump: a view (my personal view)

I'm probably not supposed  to express a view on big political issues - or small ones - but the biggest news of the week can't pass by without comment.

I've listened to all sorts of analyses of what led to the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the U.S.A. I acknowledge that lots of people in the country (like in the UK) are feeling left behind, that they've lost their jobs, seen living standards decline and developed a growing feeling that America's place in the world order isn't what it was. But none of that explains why they have elected someone who they only really know as a TV celebrity with an odd hairstyle. Can politicians be really so despised that the electorate think "The Donald" is the answer to their woes? Apparently so.

If they have concerns about wealth being unfairly distributed - valid concerns - then why vote for a multi-billionaire who has invested heavily in overseas markets and has done little if nothing to revive the areas he now plans to transform? "Man of the  People" he isn't. Bill Gates has spent his Microsoft millions trying to save the world from malaria. I'm not aware that Trump has done much that could be described as philanthropic. Perhaps I've missed it because apparently the media have done such a hatchet job on the man that we haven't seen the real person. We have, however, found out that he has definitely behaved appallingly  towards women in the past and that he has said some outrageous things about ethnic minorities which could easily lead to even greater racial tensions across the country. My heart sinks. Surely there could have been better protest option for the American people if they feel so disaffected by career politicians.

I was staggered to find out that Hillary Clinton got more votes than Trump, that when the 18-25 age group is considered only 3 states voted for him and that 45% of people didn't vote at all. Democracy isn't looking good. I hope it turns out better than many anticipate.

So why have I written this? Really just to flag up that we should support the politicians who genuinely want to make a thoughtful difference to the world and, believe it or not, there are lots of them. If we don't support them who fills the space?

Phil Crompton