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Bright Lights of London

I've just returned from the Chamber Awards event in London. We were representing the East Midlands, having been selected as the organisation that is currently the most effective at developing partnerships with employers. It was a great evening. Unfortunately we didn't win but making it to the last 8 was pretty good.

There continues to be a lot going on across the trust to help our pupils become "the most employable young people in the country" (Strategic objective in TAG strategy). Our biggest priority at the moment is to ensure that every faculty has a project which links the curriculum to the world of work. Some great things in place but every Head of Faculty is aware of the need to make this happen. Sometimes the pupils are baffled about the reason for being expected to learn things and it's up to us to bring alive aspects of the curriculum. We can't be teaching things just so exams can be passed surely- and if we are then let's tell the government that it makes no sense.

Walking across London between 5 and 6 yesterday evening made me realise just how tranquil life in Nottingham is. The lights aren't quite as bright but the pace of life is better for the blood pressure.

Phil Crompton