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So many impressive people

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Arnold Hill's new auditorium hosted the Ernehale Infants School Nativity play. I watched it on Wednesday. It was lovely. There must have been 50 children dressed as Mary, Joseph, shepherds and aliens. There was one little chap in a suit and bow tie. Not sure what his role was but he looked great. on the front row enthusiastic members of staff acted as prompts for the cast. The 300 plus parents and grandparents watching the show looked so happy and proud. It was memorable.

I'm sure some of those involved found aspects of the story difficult to accept but it didn't seem to matter. Innocent little children of all faiths, races and backgrounds were contributing to a community event. People were pulled together and enjoyed it. There aren't many examples of that happening these days.

Thanks to everyone involved with setting up the Ernehale Infants Nativity. It was wonderful.

And then on Wednesday night it was the Arnold Hill Year 11 Awards Evening. It was the first time this had happened. Year 11 at Arnold Hill is packed out with capable people and it was good to see some of them being recognised. I was asked to say a few words and in summary I said :

- Don't always take the  easy option

- Don't ever think you know it all. Keep learning

- Find a job that you are passionate about.

- Have an interest / hobby

- Be happy. There are lots of ways to live your life. Don't beat yourself if Plan A doesn't work.

and at the end - having seen the pupils revive their awards - I had a 6th idea:

-  Get the best jobs because if you don't there's a good chance someone less talented will. Believe.

Phil Crompton