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Music matters: 3 events in a week

Three wonderful evenings in the last week. First off - Rushcliffe's Winter Concert. A mixture of the traditional , the strange (what was that Christmas tree like instrument that Mr Jones was playing ) and the exciting. Some real talent on show. Enjoyed it enormously.

On Wednesday I went to the Arnold Hill production of "Grease" (missing most of the televised Wigan v Newcastle match - but sadly not all!).  I'm not sure how it could have been better.  Great singing, amazing dancing, superb musicianship and technically superb. OFSTED look for outstanding. This was an outstanding production.

And Thursday took me to Farnborough for the Christmas concert. I look forward to this event every year. It means the festive season has started. 2016 didn't disappoint. The choir had pupils of many nationalities and when children from Lithuania, Nepal, Ghana and Nigeria each sang a couple of lines in their own language it was so moving. And then a rousing, sanitised version of "Fairytale of New York" closed the show and meant we can all say Christmas has begun.

All the pupils involved in the shows - and I estimate 200 - seemed to have a great time and I know the audiences did. Music connects and creates memories. Perhaps each school should be encouraged to record their last concert and show it to inspectors when they turn up. Or perhaps we should accept that inspectors  will never truly capture the qualities of a school and just enjoy the fact that we know music matters and keep encouraging pupils to play, sing and perform. We are committed to ensuring everyone has the chance to shine brightly of course.

Happy Christmas everyone.

Phil Crompton