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What did people do before they worked in education?

Before I became a teacher I was a trainee accountant for Touche Ross & Co in Leicester.  My first auditing job was at a shipbuilders in Lowestoft in November. It wasn't glamorous.  Six months I lasted before the call of a Spanish campsite was too loud to ignore. I emerged from a summer on the Costa Brava with a great sun tan and few Spanish words - and started teacher training the following Autumn. Any regrets about leaving accountancy? None at all. It wasn't for me.

In my role as CEO I'm grateful for the bit of financial understanding I gained a hundred years ago. I believe we are all products of the experiences we accumulate in life.  I sometimes wonder what jobs and careers others have pursued before they entered the world of education. Off the top of my head I know of people who have experience of advertising, marketing, retail management, police work, social work, nursing and banking. There's even a pro-footballer and a boxer amongst our number.

It all adds to the richness of an organisation. If you've done anything before becoming involved in running schools please let me know via Jayne Dury at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  I'm keen to make use of a few snippets in an assembly I'm doing in a few weeks.

Good start to 2017 it seems. The sun even shone in January. And hopefully all our pupils - and staff members - are going to shine just as brightly throughout the year (Apologies!).

Phil Crompton