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Trust INSET day

On February 20th - the day after half term - we will be holding the second Trent Academies Group INSET day. This year it will be at Arnold Hill - a chance for everyone to see the excellent new building. Buses have been organised to transport people from Farnborough and Rushcliffe. They will pick up at 8.15am and return at 3.00pm. Those who live on the north of the city are welcome to drive to Arnold but there isn't enough parking at the site and street parking is all that can be expected. Sorry. I don't think anyone is having their day extended. Indeed most of us will  have a shorter day than usual. There will also be lunch provided.

So that's the organisational side of things explained. Some will ask the questions "Why go to all this bother? Why can't we just stay at our academy and get on with things?".  It's tempting to throw in the old L'Oreal line: Because you're worth it. And that is part of it.

The day will involve listening to speakers, engaging with other colleagues and hopefully having a few smiles. It's a chance to find out more about the trust of which you're a part and perhaps to feel more part of it. I really hope that support staff and teaching staff will find the activities helpful, informative and entertaining. The best organisations pull people together and develop a shared purpose. We can only do this once a year and that's why we want everyone to be there.

Yes... there are lots of things to do at base camps. There are lessons to plan, rooms to organise, meetings to be had, books to mark, displays to put up. However the Headteachers, the Senior Leaders and the Board agree that they shouldn't be the only ones to have shared trust experiences. Everyone is part of the Trust and on this one day we'll be together in one place sharing thinking and helping to make the Trent Academies Group a better organisation.

Phil Crompton