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What I've done this week

The CEO role in a trust remains a mystery world to most people. What do these people do? I can't speak for anyone but myself but here's a flavour of my week :-

Monday : Y12 assembly at Rushcliffe, meetings about central service, careers across the trust and  achievement at Arnold Hill - including Governors until 8.00.

Tuesday : Trust Executive meeting at Farnborough from 7.45-10.00, meetings about possible growth of trust and then about Y9 trip to Holland followed by Board meeting until 7.00.

Wednesday: Regional Commissioner's event (Leadership and Governance of Trusts) all day then Farnborough achievement until 6.00.

Thursday : Arnold Hill all morning including Business meeting with ICT /HR/ Site/Finance/Admin leaders then meeting in Radcliffe on Trent from 1-5 then Farnborough for Improvement Plan review with Governors from 5.30-7.00.

Friday : Finance meeting at Farnborough, meeting with some Y11's causing concern, meeting about site issues at Rushcliffe and Farnborough, chat with Danish students and ending day with catch up with Steve at Rushcliffe.

And watching Wigan v Brentford on Saturday.

It's very different to teaching 22 lessons a week I know. Very different. But it does bring it's own demands. I don't spend much time twiddling my thumbs.

Phil Crompton