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"I don't waste my time on Twitter"

Often said by those who don't use it (including seconds ago by a mystery woman at Farnborough). Understandable and I guess it is true that many people idle away time on finding out what celebrities had for breakfast. I have spent more time than is good for me checking out who Wigan Athletic might sign next in a desperate effort to avoid relegation and have, perhaps, followed too many links about who is plotting to take over as leader of the Labour Party. But then we're all allowed time to relax! 

Twitter time has replaced newspaper reading time for me. For years I was an avid newspaper reader. Now I occasionally buy "The Guardian" on Saturday but access lots of articles through Twitter and hope I get a reasonably accurate view of what's going on. I suppose readers of the Daily Telegraph would argue with that  but I do access some of their articles as well in an attempt to get out of the "liberal " bubble. I also manage to find out snippets of interesting information from individuals, charities, major companies, local authorities, politicans and other schools and trusts. Twitter is a rich source of advice, opinion and facts. If you select who you follow it's amazing how engaged you can become.

Now I'm pretty sure that some readers will still be unconvinced but they need to be warned that some people are creating reputations and profiles which mean they are becoming significant players in educational thinking. I'm not saying it's right but it's the reality. A headteacher with thousands of followers is likely to be named General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders in the next couple of weeks. Another teacher was apparently selected as the DfE Behaviour Guru on the strength of his Twitter communications. Every Sunday evening hundreds of senior leaders share thinking on Twitter and teachers in their early years ask for ideas and get them from self appointed experts. It's all happening out there and everyone should at least be aware of this action. It's not, of course compulsory - yet.

So this weekend open - or re-activate - a Twitter account. You can follow @TrentAcadGroup, @RushcliffeSCH, @FarnboroughAcad, @Arnold_Hill and @LaticsOfficial

Hope you are convinced and can already feel your life being enhanced. Enjoy the weekend.

Phil Crompton