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An evening at the National Space Centre

Last night Angela Brown, Geoff Bail and myself represented the Trust at an event about Governance and Risk Management. It doesn’t sound like gripping stuff for a Thursday night does it? However it was held at the National Space Centre in Leicester. For 15 years I lived within a mile of it and never visited. Sinful. Some interesting stuff in there.

Particularly liked this piece of art.

A night at the opera in the year 2000

It’s called “A Night in the Opera in the Year 2000” and was painted in 1882 by a chap called Albert (forgotten his surname). Quite an imagination. Fair to say the sky isn’t quite so congested but the lower levels are much worse. I wonder how he’d have painted education in the year 2017. Suspect he wouldn’t have seen multi academy trusts coming nor electronic registers but he would have expected a continued emphasis upon English, Science and Maths. He would probably have anticipated the importance of physical activity, study of the humanities, designing things and creating things. He might be puzzled as to why learning a language was considered important given Britain still had an Empire. Suspect Albert would expect employers to have more of a say in what was taught as well. Could he have guessed there’d be so many computers in schools?
I know I’m rambling but the picture did what I think art should do. It made me think. I was left with a feeling that Albert was remarkable and that it would be great if politicians took a longer term view of what would be great for society instead of thinking about what happens in the next 5 years.