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The Trust INSET Day

Pulling together 400 members of staff is always a gamble. Some find it quite exciting, others - a few it seems - find it a drag. This year's event at Arnold Hill seems to have gone down well according to the evaluation document. I'm expecting copies to appear on staffroom walls over the next couple of days. In summary, most people seemed to have found the activities either "great" or "good". A tiny number found them "poor". It is fascinating how there can be the full range of reactions to the same events. Keen to hear ideas from those who ticked the "poor" box. Please advise as to what could be done to make them meet your needs.

The "Dave and Chris Show" seems to have engaged teachers. General agreement that - like it or not - remembering things has returned to the forefront of the system. We ignore it at our peril. There were some great ideas shared and it was good to interact with other teams. Perhaps the afternoon session could have been more structured.

The John Dabrowski input was well received. Interesting story - and quite a few people seemed to have found it inspiring. He's a nice guy. I'm glad he went down well. Marian's session in the afternoon seems to have been helpful. Drawing elephants has stuck in the minds of many. Who'd have thought it?

Most encouraged by 51 capable people staying behind for the "Women in leadership" hour. I introduced it - and found myself in a minority for a change. Interesting experience. It will be good to build on what emerged from the discussions. And then the session about Behaviour Management for TA's was seen as helpful too.

Catching a bus wasn't popular - but then trying to find somewhere to park would have been even less popular. The food was appreciated - upgrade and all. The lunchtime queues didn't go down well. If you got in quickly then you wouldn't know that some were waiting outside for 30 mins and more. I was one of them and it was irritating but made far more bearable by chatting to some people who I don't see often. You see there's always a positive!

All in all the evaluations suggest the INSET day was enjoyed by the vast majority. Thanks for engaging. We'll learn from your comments. And we will keep moving closer to a positive shared culture.

Phil Crompton