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Rugby Festival

We were delighted to welcome the Leicester Tigers on Thursday. They spent a day with us.  Four of their coaching  team travelled up the A46 to put 100 of our most capable and enthusiastic rugby players through their paces. I was around for the first hour and chatted to Juan who was leading the event. He was brought up in Argentina, trained and played rugby in the USA, worked in New Zealand and then Cumbria - and now resides in Leicestershire. He's certainly seen the world. The Tigers brought an air of professionalism with them and the students responded really well. There really is a lot of rugby playing talent - girls and boys - at the three academies and I was so pleased that they were able to develop their skills further with the help of experts. I know Mr. Gove’s had enough of experts but I still think they are useful.

I’m a big fan of football but it was healthy to see another sport making an impact on the lives of our young people. We make a big deal of the slogan “Everyone will be given the chance to shine brightly”. Well they were and they did. Thanks to Mr. Smith and the other staff for their commitment . Nothing happens without enthusiasm. 

Phil Crompton