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Election 2017 and new Twitter Account

I've started a new Twitter account. It's @Philcrompton23. It deals with employment and education matters. Nothing about Wigan Athletic or other such nonsense.

I'll be using it to share thoughts about the election. It won't be party political but it will try to ensure that education and employability issues are given little nudges. I imagine education will be in the top 5 topics raised but BREXIT and the NHS will no doubt be higher profile. Everyone involved in education should ensure that politicians are asked for their views on funding, the role of multi-academy trusts,recruitment and retention, grammar schools/secondary moderns, the curriculum changes......

There's a lot to be discussed and decided. I fear it could be sidelined. Do what you can when you can.

It's been an interesting week. Spent this morning talking with the MD of East Midlands Airport. He's keen to encourage links with the Trust. The two days at Ellis Guilford School were enjoyable too. Lots of positive things going on there.

And remember .......@Philcrompton23

Phil Crompton