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How the trust is governed. Read on to find out more....

Last night we held a Governors United session at Rushcliffe. Governors from each of the three academies spent two hours getting to know each other and finding out more about how trust governance operates. It was an important event because we have a number of new governors and also because a really impressive model of governance is emerging.

Andrew Pickin is Chair of the Trust for the rest of 2017. He explained the roles of members, trustees (sometimes called Directors) and governors played a part in the organisation. Governors then discussed 15 situations and agreed which tier was responsible for each action. This seemed to bring light to the darkness. It is hard to underestimate the confusion that was created in 2010 and it has taken some time to settle. We are in a strong place now.

Vanessa Roper gave everyone an update on the new GCSE and Progress 8. Making that complexity straightforward is by no means easy. Vanessa did it very well.

Angela Brown demonstrated the National Governor Association website. It has lots of really helpful information and governors across the trust can access it for free. It seems there are no prizes to be awarded for the first Governor to complete all 49 training units. Simon Massarella is still favourite to get the full set!

And I talked about the Trust strategy. It's important that I'm not the only voice keeping the strategic objectives high profile. So here they are : Maximise Achievement, Leaders United, The most employable people, Appreciating talent, Financially secure, Legally sound and The TAG 10. Please memorise and broadcast.

A very pleasant evening with people who generously contribute their time and skills without charge. I'm grateful to them.

Phil Crompton