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The power of good people

I was brought up near Manchester so I have to mention what happened at the Arena on Monday night. The accents of the people interviewed are the accents of my friends and relatives back in the North West. It feels so very close to home. But then to parents who have collected children from events it also felt close to home. To young people who have been to shows in similar arenas it felt personal too. What happened has affected everyone. Truly horrific.

We cling to the fact that in times such as these goodness emerges. It's always there of course but it becomes more obvious in the darkest of times. So many people have shown kindness and gone beyond what it expected. It does lift the spirits to see it happening.

Anyone who's met Lilian Greenwood the MP for Nottingham South would say she's a good person. She has worked extremely hard for her constituency for the last 7 years and, in my view, should be re-elected with a landslide. Her quality was shown last night when she attended The Clifton Awards at Farnborough. She said she would present the awards two months ago and stuck to her word. This was despite the date clashing with the hustings in Clifton. It meant she had to ask someone to stand in for her and debate with the people trying to oust her from the seat. If she hadn't attended the Clifton Awards it would have been diminished. I'm grateful that she missed the hustings and I hope it works out for her. She's an excellent MP.

In the first week back after the break we are hosting some visitors from Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. At the last minute arrangements have had to be changed and I'm full of admiration at the way Aran Higgs based at Farnborough and Greg Vickers at Rushcliffe have stepped up to help ensure it goes well. Good people again. They're everywhere.

It'd be great if the good weather ran into next week but it's England so don't hold your breath.

Phil Crompton