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A blog to end the year

The numbers reading my blog have been variable. Sometimes sensational numbers, sometimes me and my mother. I haven't written anything for the last month in the hope that you have started to miss my musings!

I have to write something to summarise how I feel after this week's evening events. I've been to awards evenings at each of the three academies. Each very different. Each uplifting. I think the formal recognition of achievement in its many forms is crucial and I much prefer the small scale events that we hold to the 3 hour monsters that some schools organise.

Tuesday night was a bit different in that I went to the Contemporary Art gallery in the city. A group of Farnborough pupils had been working with Katherine Green, a photographer with a national reputation, and the National Portrait Gallery. They had created a superb set of photographs which captured the spirit of Clifton. Over 100 people assembled to see the launch of the exhibition and the pupils were, quite rightly, treated as celebrities. I think everyone there felt proud to be associated with Farnborough. If you get the chance do call in to see the exhibition. It's there for the next week and moves to The National Portrait gallery in October.

So at the end of the term I'm feeling more than satisfied that we as a trust have worked together to provide a great, wide ranging education for the young people in our care. I see staff with a real commitment to the cause and pupils appreciating their work. Working in education brings its challenges but also brings many rewards.

I do hope everyone has found satisfaction in their work over the last 12 months. As ever it's flown by. The next 6 weeks will go quickly too. I hope the sun shines brightly over the summer and that we are able to re-charge batteries ready for a wonderful 2017/8.

Thanks everyone. Have fun.

Phil Crompton