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Let's talk about you

 The staff performance management process - some call it appraisal - is underway. Over the next month everyone should have an interview with a line manager in which last year's objectives are reviewed. It's a great opportunity to discuss how the year went and to share successes. Line managers will be expected to look carefully at the objectives and to offer constructive criticism if required but they should also give you the chance to talk about what went well. There aren't too many opportunities in a year that allow us to be centre stage as individuals. This is one and I hope you find the experience helpful. If there is something that you would like to do please flag it up.

And line managers.... please ensure there is a healthy dialogue about the development of the person you are reviewing. It shouldn't be a chore for anyone. We have so many capable people who are eager to develop further and to contribute. The performance management system should recognise this. Later in the year we'll put out a "survey monkey" to see how it's all gone.

Phil Crompton