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A weekend of the Arts

Last Friday I saw Stewart Lee at the Royal Concert Hall. Not everyone will like him. I do and have seen him seven times at various venues. He's not just a comedian, he's an artist. Clever, creative and controversial. It was great way to spend a Friday evening. An artist who made me laugh and think - and frown in puzzlement.

On Saturday I went to see "Much Ado About Nothing" at The Globe in London. The theatre is quite a place to visit. The central bit only costs £5 per ticket I believe but it's standing only and if it rains you get wet. It threw it down with rain. I was in a covered balcony seat. The play itself is a bit trivial, more "chick flick" than Macbeth or Hamlet. But it was enjoyable none the less. Afterwards I found out that two of the lead roles were played by two people who went to De Lisle School in Loughborough and it once again ignited my belief that Drama and the Arts matter enormously in an education system. They should be nurtured and encouraged as they allow the development of traits that might otherwise lie dormant.

So to Music, Drama, Art and Dance teachers at Arnold Hill, Farnborough and Rushcliffe I say "You matter. Let's encourage the talent in our academies". And if anyone has spotted the new Stewart Lee in one of our academies please let me know - but don't ask me to teach him.

Phil Crompton