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Young people can do remarkable things

Did anyone hear Mhairi Black speak in the House of Commons this week? If you didn't please check her out. She was elected as an MP in 2015 and represents the SNP. She is 23. Her performance in the House was amazing. She had Tory MPs shouting across the floor at her but kept going regardless, pointing out the weaknesses of their government and its policies. Resilience - that was it come live. Confidence - coming out of her ears. And she's a product of a state school.

Made me again realise that when we ask young pupils to do a serious thing they so often do it so very well. There may be errors along the way but that's normal. If the mistakes keep getting repeated then we worry but I hope our trust is prepared to encourage young people - staff and students to take on serious challenges.

In the classroom we should be looking at projects that really stretch youngsters. They are capable of so much. Often more than we realise. I'm going to follow Mhairi Black's career with interest. In fact I'd back her to be PM from tomorrow!

Enjoy half term. Hope it stops raining.

Phil Crompton