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Last week I spent some time in the Yorkshire Dales. What a lovely part of the world. We stayed in village just outside Settle and ate in a pub/ restaurant that was well off the beaten track. The place was run by 2 men in their 30's from the North East who had been working for a pub chain for the last 7 years. Their previous job had seen them taking responsibility for the closure of pubs. Not a very positive way to spend time. Despite evidence that it was hard to make a living in the pub trade they had taken charge of the place we visited and seemed to be doing well. The locals spoke warmly of them and they seemed to be attracting a lot of passing trade. I admired them. They'd taken a risk and it seems to be paying off.

I also travelled on the Settle to Carlisle railway whilst I was in the area. 200 years ago it was decided that a line needed to be built through the mountains to connect some key places. The terrain looks intimidating and it must have looked even more daunting in the 1800's. And yet people took a risk and the line is still functioning. They have my respect.

The world moves on because people are prepared to take risks. Some big, some small. So long as decisions are carefully thought through I admire the risk takers. And everywhere you look you can see examples of people initiating change. Sometimes it won't work but without taking a chance nothing would ever improve.

I'll go back to the Dales. I hope the pub isn't closed!

Phil Crompton