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The Budget

I stopped at a petrol station on my way from Farnborough to Arnold Hill and bought some pasta with feta and tomato sauce. I ate it whilst listening to the Budget announcement by the Chancellor (unfortunately some of the sauce ended up on my tie - annoying, but another story).

The statement covered many bits of the way we live from electric cars to off shore tax and funding for nurses. I realised that I've followed announcements like this for several decades now. The focus used to be on how much would be added to the price of a pint of beer. It seems much broader now. But all of them are united by an attempt by a government to move the country forward. Is there a vision? Usually the decisions are brought about by practical issues they need to address in the short term but I think, perhaps generously, that most Chancellors have a view of what the world should be like.

In schools we plan every year and we aim to move closer to the promised land. Is there a vision? Well, there should be. I walked around Rushcliffe today and was struck by the fact that what we talked about 7 years ago with the staff, governors, senior leaders, pupils and parents has been achieved in lots of ways. Purposeful classrooms, well behaved children, refreshed buildings and systems that work. It wasn't always like it is now. Having a vision, then planning and then implementing the plans has worked. And it will work at Arnold Hill and Farnborough. Things take time. Each of our academies improves every year. We must remember that.

And now I'd better get my tie cleaned.

Phil Crompton