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5 things to be proud of

People in education get hit with sticks too often. I see people trying hard to get the best for children. Day after day, year after year. Here are just 5 things I've seen over the last term that show this in action:-

  1. I went to the Arnold Hill Showcase last night. It was great. Angus's rendition of "The street where you live" was a classic moment. These things don't just happen. They need organising. They need time. They need energy.  Next week the Farnborough and Rushcliffe concerts will be wonderful. Thanks to all involved.
  2. The Farnborough staff have bounced back from the OFSTED setback with a remarkable team spirit. Resilience come live. 700 young people turn up regardless of the views of inspectors.
  3. The Arnold Hill staff have spent most of the term waiting for an OFSTED visit. It's draining. Will the call come today? Tomorrow? It came. People arrived. People left. 1500 young people still left to teach and guide.
  4. Rushcliffe looks like a building site. Lorries, cranes, dust and noise. Where do we park? Again - everyone just gets on with it. It's an inconvenience.
  5. Clubs and after school activity keep going after school despite illness, tiredness, dark nights. Drama, choirs, football, rugby, science, reading........ On it goes.

I like people. They keep doing their best. Thanks.

Phil Crompton