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The state of the nation

At the start of yesterday I heard Michael Gove being interviewed on Today. "I bet you're thinking, come on Govey tell us the answer" he said. Nick Robinson responded by saying "I would NEVER call you Govey". This is of course a Minister of State we are talking about. But then it's the same chap who said during the Euro debate that the British people were fed up of listening to experts.

I drove home last night and the new bulletin reported that Nigel Farage now wants a second referendum on Europe. Nigel Farage! Then I woke up during Question Time hearing Piers Morgan saying that Arsenal lost against Forest on Sunday and even though he was disappointed he was not suggesting the match should be replayed.

What a set of egos. Sadly they are influential egos. The biggest decision taken by the people of this country is degenerating into farce. I personally would like a second referendum and would also like a vote on whether Morgan or Farage should be allowed to broadcast to the nation.

Not sure what brought that rant on. Perhaps it's me feeling that systems should be more powerful than individuals. I'm leaving the trust but the system will ensure that things get stronger after I've gone. More to follow.

Phil Crompton