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I thought I should write a few words about the demise of Carillion. The fact that they are in liquidation has come as a bit of a shock given that they built and managed the facilities at Farnborough. Through the PFI scheme Clifton got a new school but it is occupied for 25 years under strict terms. The school - now academy - pays for the services of the caretaking and cleaning team from 6.30am until 6.00pm for term time only. The LA and DfE pay a set amount to cover the mortgage / lease.

The site team have been Carillion employees and it was a relief when I found they had turned up for work on Monday morning. They were working on the assumption that the government would cover their wages until a new service provider would soon be engaged. It turns out they were right. Their wages have been covered and a new employer is on the way. An uncomfortable experience for all employed by Carillion - and for those dependent upon the services they provide.

I do hope the discomfort is nearly over. It leads to a big debate as to whether or not the private sector should be drawn into the delivery of public services. I won't make a contribution at this stage.

Phil Crompton