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Year 11 Plans

I've spent much of the last week interviewing Year 11 students at Farnborough. Ben Chaloner and I have divided the group up. It works out as 70 15 minutes chats each. And how illuminating I've found them.

The students have plans. Great plans. Some see university as the way forward, some college and then into the trades, some want to do apprenticeships. One lad wants to be a magician!

Every year I'm amazed by the variety of talents across the Year 11 students preparing to leave. It's something of a sadness that I rarely find out if dreams are realised, plans followed. In my assembly - currently on the 10th stage of a tour taking it across the Nottingham area - I focus upon the future. It's an amazing thin . None of us know what it holds.

I'm just going to check my stars in the Daily Mirror. Wonder what's in store for Geminians over the weekend?

Phil Crompton