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Three great things

As I approach the last term of my tenure I become increasingly moved by the wonderful things that happen across the trust. Here are three from this week alone:-

Arnold Hill's Harry Potter Day attracted the interest of J.K. Rowling herself. A direct tweet from her is something that's viewed by her 12m followers. The Arnold Hill name has been shared across the world and attracted a lot of media interest. Wonderful.

The Farnborough Under 15 and Under 16 Boys' football teams won the City Championships on the same day. Two titles. Makes up for Wigan going out of the FA Cup!

"Grease" at Rushcliffe was first class. Not the most moral of tales perhaps (might be an age thing!) but great singing and musicianship. Really professional and four evenings given up by students and staff is not to be sniffed at. Serious commitment to the cause.

Thanks to everyone who made these things happen. Each will be remembered by student involved forever.

Phil Crompton