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Return of the Blog

I've missed the last couple of Fridays. My reader must be furious. Back today with a few words about the move towards the merger with the Spencer Academies Trust.

Last Monday it was announced that, subject to due diligence, Farnborough, Rushcliffe and Arnold Hill will be working as part of the Spencer Academies Trust from September. This all seems a logical response to my retirement from the post of TAG CEO. I hope no one is thinking there's a comparison with the Sainsbury / ASDA merger. There isn't. No one gets bonus money. The trustees have worked so hard to get to this position. Hour after hour - and all for no personal gain. And I certainly won't be getting a reward. All that's for another world.

The proposed partnership seems like a more effective way to run a public service. The enlarged entity will have more influence, more capacity to improve the academies and greater economies of scale. I hope everyone will attend the after school sessions next week at which Paul West and the Headteachers will give their views about where we are now and what the thinking about the future is. Tuesday is Rushcliffe, Wednesday is Arnold Hill and Thursday is Farnborough. A Q and A document has been published but please be prepared to clarify any concerns you might have.

See you next week. Somewhere.

Phil Crompton