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Change is never easy. Whenever a way of doing things is questioned human beings become uneasy. No one said that merging with another trust would be easy. The 400 members of staff currently operating under the label of the Trent Academies Group are bright people. They work in systems they largely understand and not surprisingly that feels comfortable.

The suggestion that TAG merges with Spencer Academies Trust might make some people feel excited, some a bit anxious and some relaxed. I hope the visits from Spencer staff have provided helpful insights into the future. They are people who want to embrace what's going well at the three TAG academies. They also want to help improve things that aren't going so well. I think most people would say that the creation of our trust has not damaged what previously existed and hopefully many improvements can be seen. I assume this experience will be repeated.

I'm sure things will improve under the new banner. Much will stay the same. Some elements might change. But they would have changed anyway. That's life.

A group of us have visited three schools which have already been absorbed into the Spencer Trust, including George Spencer Academy. The people we spoke to acknowledged some tweaks to the way they operated but it seemed that change had been slow and logical. There hadn't been any crass decisions with change imposed just to make a mark and the Headteachers continued to play the key role in leading the school.

As I go through my last term as CEO of the Trent Academies Group I'll continue to provide updates and insights. I hope my reader will find them helpful!

Phil Crompton