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Not a rehearsal

Last week I went to my friend's "Celebration of a Life" service in Leicester. She died at 58 after spending 5 years dealing with cancer. She was a wonderful woman. The most positive of people who just got on with things. I met her in 1982 and know her husband, 3 daughters and 2 grandchildren really well. Everyone will miss her. But in the room there was a feeling that she had inspired us all. Everyone was talking about the fact that in the last few years she'd learnt Spanish, visited Peru 5 times on her own, had trained as a yoga teacher, climbed hills and been a great friend, mum, grandma and partner.

And underlying our conversations was a view that whatever we choose to do with our lives we should commit fully and enjoy the experience. Because it's not a rehearsal.

Just thought I'd say that. Enjoy the weekend.

Phil Crompton