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The TAG has achieved a lot

When I reflect upon the last four years it becomes clear that we have a lot to be proud of. There are many trusts that haven't come close to getting the things in place that we have. Here are 5 to start with. I'll return to this theme over the next few weeks no doubt as I prepare to exit stage left.

1.    Assemblies across the trust are impressive. Twice a week well planned and imaginative presentations are delivered to attentive audiences across the 3            academies. 

2.    Everyone knows our strapline - yes, everyone should be given the chance to shine brightly.

3.    There are lots of shared CPD events. Headteachers have met fortnightly,senior leaders have met termly, the whole trust has met annually, there are a variety   of leadership programmes and newly qualified teachers meet three times in a year. Last night a training programme about mental health first aid started with  people from across the 3 academies involved. Sharing matters.

4.    The Arts and Sports staff have worked together to create some memorable events and both are high profile at each academy.

5.    Links with employers are strong at each academy. Farnborough probably leads the way but there's a lot happening across Rushcliffe and Arnold Hill too. Caroline Tomlinson has done a great job in pulling this together- and it's led to awards.

I am unapologetic in saying that a rounded education is so important. My understanding is that the Spencer Academies Trust share this belief so the light can continue to shine.

Phil Crompton