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Achievement across the trust

A school is judged by examination results. I believe there is so much more to a great education than a set of GCSE and A level results but fully understand that it is easier to analyse exam results than confidence, empathy and resilience. So examination results do matter enormously to schools - and to students. Of course they do.

Having looked at the GCSE performance at our three academies over the last three years there is a lot to be impressed by. Take English for example. At each academy the results have improved. I have seen the teams acquire stability. Good leadership makes such a difference. At Rushcliffe Lauren and her team have managed to build upon the successes of previous years. Last year 90% achieved a level 4 in language. At Farnborough Dave and his squad have lifted achievement from only 19% achieving a C in 2015 to 47% at level 4 last year and better anticipated this year. The quality of teaching over the last 2 years has improved hugely. And at Arnold Kathrine has brought a level of confident , informed leadership that has helped the team improve English results significantly. Last year 81% achieved level 4 or higher in English. A big shift from 61% in 2014.

I could easily have chosen another subject. Go into a merged trust feeling confident about the quality of teaching in the Trent Academies Group and the impact it has.

Phil Crompton

Chief Executive Officer