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It's great isn't it. Like another country. Radio Nottingham phoned on Tuesday to ask if I'd talk on air about how we dealt with it. Luckily I missed the call because I'm not sure what I'd have said.

I love the sun but I know how difficult it is to teach in our buildings. If there was air con everywhere all would be fine but instead we have "intelligent" ventilation at Farnborough and Arnold Hill - though it often doesn't seem that smart - and largely 1960's systems at Rushcliffe. Designing buildings in England faces the challenge that heatwaves like this are so rare. Is it worth spending heavily on air con when most of the time we are complaining that the weather is miserable? I imagine that this week the answer is a resounding yes.

And then there's the uniform. Should it be abandoned for the duration of a heatwave? At what point does it become too hot to wear a blazer? A tie? Long trousers? It's easy to stop re-enforcing the rules but not so easy to pull it back. Making decisions isn't easy when it comes to the weather. I won't miss the questions about uniform during the heat and whether to open or not in the snow.

Hope you can see why I'm quite relieved to have missed the Radio Nottingham debate. It won't be long before we are back in Nottingham after our week of being Naples.

Having finished writing these comments I’ve seen on twitter that Arnold Hill staff have been abseiling down the side of their building. That is some way to celebrate the sunshine.

Phil Crompton