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Is football coming home?

I'm a football obsessive. There, I've admitted it. However I've not always warmed to the England team. I was 7 in 1966. My memories are blurred but I recall the final goal and the happiness that followed. I do very clearly remember going to an event in Cheshire in 1969 when Bobby Charlton was the Guest of Honour and a film of the whole match was shown.

1974 and 1978 were important years. England failed to qualify for the World Cup and I became Dutch. Johan Cruyff was my hero. What a player. In fact the whole squad seemed peppered with smart, creative people. Since then England have qualified and have regularly disappointed. The joke in our house is that I support England for a week and when they go out I become Phil Van der Crompton.

But this year - no Holland and England are in the quarter finals with a seemingly relatively straightforward run to the final (I know..). Last night I watched Skinner and Baddiel on YouTube. It just might be "coming home" because England haven't yet played well and are in the last 8. If I've got hope it’s because Southgate and Kane seem like smart, creative people. Is England becoming Dutch? Where's my bike?

Now don't lose to Sweden lads. Johan would be appalled if you did.

Phil Crompton